​​​Charlie's Think Wild Shuttle Service​

P.O. Box 282, White Sulphur Springs, Montana  59645  

Business: 406-547-6338 


New owner Charles Meeks, resident and long time shuttler for the Think Wild Shuttle Service, and wife Svetlana have purchased Think Wild Shuttle Service. We're a family-owned and operated business.  When you choose to use our shuttle service, you are entrusting us with the care of your vehicle and property, a trust we don't take lightly.  From the day you sign on with our service to the day you retrieve your vehicle we are there for any problem you may encounter along your vacation.   

Think Wild Shuttle service has been in service for almost 35 years, serving the floaters on the Smith River.  In the 80's local Game Warden Gene Clark was patrolling the Smith River, checking on river conditions, fishing licenses and assisting floaters on the Smith.  At this time the float was only from Camp Baker to Castle Bar, roughly a 20 mile float.  Occasionally, Gene would get asked if he would mind moving a vehicle or two while he was moving his own vehicle, and Gene was more than happy to oblige.  As the word got out about the Smith River Floating, and more and more floaters started using the river for their recreational trek, Gene started Think Wild, a shuttle service to transport the vehicles from Camp Baker, to the now exit for the Smith River, which was Eden Bridge, past Ulm Montana.  The float now was 59 miles and a 3 day trip.  With the popularity of the float, and the amount of shuttling, this of course caused a conflict of interest with his day job, and for a while the business was under his wife's name and was Alice's Think Wild.  Gene retired from the Fish Wildlife and Parks in 1989, and shuttling vehicles for the Smith River Floaters became his full time job.   Gene shuttled vehicles for almost 2 decades with the highest year having shuttled 973 vehicles.  Gene hired locals mostly, retiree's military, school bus drivers, school teachers and responsible retirees to help support their incomes.  

In 2000, Gene Clark sold the business to a local friend and shuttler, Rick Manger. Rick changed the name of the business to Amy's Think Wild, Amy being his daughter.  Rick ran and managed the business for two years before health reasons arose, and he sold the business to his life long friend Charlie Rogerson.  Charlie had shuttled for both Gene and Rick.

Charlie ran the business for 12 years, and kept the name of the business as Amy's Think Wild.  In 2014, Charlie Rogerson sold the business to Charles Meeks who had shuttled for Charlie for 7 years.  Charles Meeks changed the name of the business to Charlie's Think Wild Shuttle Service and continues to provide the same quality shuttling service as in the past.