​​​Charlie's Think Wild Shuttle Service​

P.O. Box 282, White Sulphur Springs, Montana  59645  

Business: 406-547-6338  Cell: 406-547-4246

If filling out Registration on line, please make sure to fill out your registration form for each vehicle you would like shuttled.  If you need to add or make changes, don't worry we accept calls 24/7, or you can e-mail us.  If definitely last minute, you have the option to leave a note in the vehicle. 

For your convenience we also have several other options for Registration.

  1. You can contact us by phone and we will take down your information.
  2. You may stop at Castle Mountain Grocery (formerly Edward's Grocery) in White Sulphur Springs from 6:00 am thru 9:00 pm, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am thru 9:00 pm, Saturday, and 8:00 am thru 7:00 pm on Sunday and they will assist with filling out a registration form.
  3. Once you are in White Sulphur Springs you can call us, and we will meet you to fill out the form.

Also, remember no deposit or pre-registration is required and that we are always available to answer any of your questions.